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Author: Elmer Barr
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Between January 11, and 15, 1997, the witness group interviewed pertinent New York Air National Guard (NYANG) personnel who were on duty during the time period in which the TWA 800 accident occurred. The interviews were with a C-130 crew, HH-60 crew, and other NYANG personnel who viewed events concerning the loss of TWA 800. The interviews were recorded and transcripts and summaries prepared.

Note that the NYANG personnel interviews were 6 months after the disaster. It isn’t clear whether those horrendously late date interviews were indepth or cursory - or if witness Meyer was among those interviewed. But if Meyer was then interviewed by an NTSB Witness Interview Team, it should have been glaringly obvious them that his interpretation of his observations was in irreconcilable conflict with the both the timeline of events and the fact that the reportedly 2000 feet in diameter Massive Fireball explosion filled the sky at 5500-7500 feet.

If the NTSB Team then knew that’s where it took place.

The obvious question is did Kallstrom ever provide the NTSB with the satellite sighting of the MF information - keeping in mind that was likely one of the red flags Kallstrom received and appears to have chosen to ignore within the first 24-48 hours, if not within the first few hours.

Meyer specified his observations in great detail in his presentation to the Granada Forum and in his own press graphic:

NYANG Major Frederick Meyer’s Press Graphic

It’s clear from his press graphic that he saw the fiery streak reach it’s destination - the Massive Fireball explosion that took place at 5500-7500 feet at about 8:31:47.

It’s also clear from his carefully spelled out elapsed time estimates during his presentation to the Granada Forum that he did not and could not have seen an "ordnance" shootdown of the airliner at 13,800 feet at 8:31:11 only 3-4 seconds before he saw an "ordnance" shootdown of the 747 at 5500-7500 feet at about 8:31:47.

The New York Air National Guard prepared their own animated graphic after debriefing Meyer and his helicopter crewmates - which raises the obvious question of when did Meyer decide he had witnessed a missile shootdown of Flight 800. Keep in mind that the observations of virtually all witnesses began being tainted from later input promptly.

NYANG Animated Graphic

It will be noted that the Masssive Fireball explosion engulfed the immediately preceding much smaller "ordnance" explosions, dramatizing the close proximity of the visual events.


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To: eb44

The night of the TWA 800 downing, ABC's Nightline devoted their show to the tragedy. During the broadcast a reporter close to the scene reported that a NY National Guard C-130 was in the area at the time of the crash participating in Space Shuttle crew rescue manuevers.

At the conclusion of the show, just before signing off, when they came back Ted Koppell brought the reporter back up who said they had received word not to "put out" that story about the C-130. Apparently it was in error. I only regret that I didn't record the show.

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To: eb44

I forgot to mention that Nightline had also mentioned during the broadcast that the military manuevers with the C-130 had included the use of flares.

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To: Houlihan

As noted both in Part 1 and in the first paragraph of Part 2, the C-130 crew were interviewed.

The press goes into a feeding frenzy after all disasters in their efforts to outscoop each other and sell their wares and routinely only confuses the public.

To this day, most press reports about the Flight 800 disaster perpetuate the myth that the Massive Fireball explosion was the Initiating Event at 13,800 feet at 8:31:11.

That's why Kallstrom's conduct is so incredibly unprofessional. One of the fundamental rules of investigators is not to jump to conclusions and go off half cocked.

Another fundamental rule is to get oriented. Kallstrom had all the resources to do that at his fingertips from the outset. Instead, he bowed his neck, ignored evidence that was contrary to his objective of proving the 747 was a missile shootdown victim and wasted the better part of $30,000,000-$40,000,000 trying to prove he was right. He wasn't.

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To: eb44

I only mentioned the Nightline story because the C-130 was never heard from again on ABC or any other establishment broadcast outlet or CNN, to the best of my knowledge. It was as if they never had reported it. It didn't happen, as far as they were concerned. Even the Fox News Channel won't touch this story.

An eye opening account of the abdication of the media of their First Amendment responsibilities is well stated in the current issue of the New York Observer by Philip Weiss: TWA Flight 800 Skeptics Paying a Heavy Price.

Note: This link will be invalid when the next issue comes out.