IF CBS fooled us with images--did NASA do it too?

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Posted on 01/13/2000 20:32:38 PST by Patriot76

Don't get me wrong, we probably indeed went to the moon but those nice pictures we saw were not the "right stuff!"

The January 1997 Foretean Times Magazine has an excellent article on the work of David Percy. He's a photographic expert who is convinced the Apollo lunar shots were faked. Fortean Times has published a number of the pictures and Percy promises many more in a soon to be released book. But here's a few that I think should cause us to wonder, "how honest has NASA really been with us in the past?"

I find this picture especially suspicious. Notice in the upper right that the shadow of the lunar lander extends directly to the right - towards the 3 o'clock position. Then how come the rocks in the lower right foreground have shadows that point to the lower right or 4 o'clock position? Shadows from a source of light that is nearly 100 million miles away (the sun) should be parallel! Even if you take into account that perspective would call for a "vanishing point" - or a point in space where the parallel shadows apparently converge, then according to this picture, that vanishing point (in this case also the source for the light) should be within the field of view as indicated where the two yellow lines cross.

Here's another great example of shadows not being parallel! This is from a 'live' TV shot from the lunar surface. Those shadows are way out of alignment! Even taking into account that lunar surface is not quit level here does not explain the tremendous difference in shadow direction. NASA really messed up this one!

Two major flaws in this picture. First, there is a lot more light falling in the area of the astronaut - as if a spotlight were involved. Secondly, at the time of this lunar landing, the sun should have been very low, only 10 degrees up. The angle here is way off.****Note from Patriot76: Look under the main rocket....absolutely no crater from the millions? of pounds of thrust.The ground is not even disturbed!****

And here's a picture they just plain screwed up!!!

Woops! Looks like the NASA "set decorator" messed up placing rock "C" into the set and left the "C" showing! By the way, something else to wonder about - How come none of the Apollo pictures show any lunar "dust" on top of the rocks? You'd think after a few million years, they'd be dusty - unless they forgot to put the dust on them.

I guess even 'Disney Studio' people can screw up now and then... ooooops, I didn't say that. I shouldn't even think bad things about a fine organization that provided years of 'family fantasy' entertainment to America. Besides, they are now the most powerful entertainment and 'news' provider in the world. I'm sure they didn't need a single favor from the government to get that big. And wasn't it nice of NASA to help that Opie guy with the making of Apollo 13. I don't think a government agency has ever provided that much help to a movie company, that's just plain nice!

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